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Cashpoint Payment Solutions

Cashpoint Payment Solutions have a national fleet of ATM’s and are Australia’s largest provider of under the counter EFT cash dispensing solutions. In-house software developers ensure up to date technology, continual innovations and products.

vcard Sima Hanimyn

Marketing & Advertising
M: 02 9002 1415
Company Details
P: 1300 286 626
F: 1300 329 286
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Circle Solutions

Circle Solutions offer an economical alternative to the current paper based methods of visitor registration. Circle Solutions supplies registered clubs, pubs and nightclubs with electronic sign in systems. 

vcard Mr Richard Griffiths

Managing Director
M: 0411 541 344
Company Details
P: 02 4342 9717
F: 02 4342 9724
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Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers

Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers effectively provide: liquor gaming and club legislation requirements, amalgamations, licensed premises variations, new premises and licences, poker machine entitlements, gaming machine thresholds, requirements for and conduct of meetings including AGMs, EGMs, board meeting and management compliance.

vcard David Kennedy

M: 0407 102 266
Company Details
P: 02 8281 4503
F: 02 8281 4567
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Denton Projects

Denton Projects are a commercial construction company, specialising in the hospitality industry. Starting from a concept design meeting through to completion our team manage the planning, design and construction, ensuring our clients are involved throughout the whole project. Our experience and long standing relationships ensure that we deliver the best outcomes.

vcard Mark Denton

M: 0438 665 023
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P: 02) 9524 0900
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DFK Crosbie

DFK Crosbie is a leading provider of accounting and audit services to the clubs industry, being one of the countries largest regional accounting practices. Our team service clubs in: management accounting, audit, taxation, stock control, club viability, recovery strategies, due diligence for amalgamations, benchmarking, feasibility studies for extensions and finance procurement.


vcard Mr Brent Perkins

M: 0407 401 251
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P: 02 4923 4000
F: 02 4923 4040
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Ecash is a design and manufacturer of TITO and card based payment systems to the gaming industry throughout Australia. Our expertise lies within cash management terminals, cashiering products and services to the club industry.

vcard Richard Soussa

Manager Sales & Marketing
M: 0438 843 834
Company Details
P: 1800 132 274
02 9887 8601
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Energy Brokers

Energy Brokers are an independent Australian owned energy consultancy. We will negotiate your electricity and gas contracts to achieve the lowest possible energy rates available in the market for each club.

vcard Mr Michael Fowler

Managing Director
M: 0410 572 687
Company Details
P: 1300 737 832
F: 1300 737 835
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Exact Security

Our roots are in clubs and by coupling modern technology with old-fashioned caring our security operatives are primed to enhance the customer experience at your venues. Our solutions cover every aspect of club security.

vcard Steve Van Zwieten

Managing Director
M: 0418 793 880
Company Details
P: 02 8603 5000
F: 02 8603 5050
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Global Valuation Services Pty Ltd

Global Valuations specialise in providing valuations and asset management services to the club industry. We are able to provide full valuations of land, buildings, plant/machinery for insurance, audit requirements, impairment testing, club mergers and asset reconciliation.

vcard Phillip Warren

Managing Director
M: 0416 097 791
Company Details
P: 02 4343 1073
F: 02 4343 1252
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Good Nuts

Good Nuts is a Sydney Based and Australian Family owned business currently servicing over 1,500 leading hotels, clubs and bars. With 150 quality snacks and treats in their extensive range, be sure to choose Good Nuts to reward your customers and keep them coming back for more.

vcard Peter Mitchell

Customer Service
M: 02 9316 4211
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P: 02 9316 4211