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Industry Supporter

Nightlife Music

Nightlife Music is a music subscription service for businesses that combines the best in music and tech to deliver immersive customer experience in clubs. Partnered with Spotify and in over 5,000 locations across hospitality, retail and fitness. Nightlife's platform helps businesses engage with consumers through on-brand playlisting and with crowdDJ.

vcard Jeremy Sproul

Senior Business Development Manager
[email protected]
M: 0418 784 222
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P: 1800 679 748
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Zoo Business Media

Zoo Business Media offer innovative in-house music and messaging systems that are a cost effective way to promote your club. Promote seasonal promotions, bistro specials, functions and entertainment throughout your club seamlessly and creatively.

vcard Vicki Travers

General Manager
[email protected]
M: 1800 664 653
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P: 1800 664 653
F: 1300 133 338